“You failed as a mother,” a scathing troll and Angel’s mother say in an online altercation after reports of Soma and Angel’s breakup surface.

    The mother of reality TV star Angel, Titilala Brownsugar, got into a nasty online dispute with a troll after a recent heated argument. 

    It all began when Soma, Angel’s boyfriend, posted a specific fasting message on his Instagram page. 

    He disclosed that he was presently engaged in a two-day silent fast, which was beneficial to his bodily, spiritual, and mental well-being. 

    In his words, he says, 

    “Last time I did this, I mean spent time in RSTCG camp and do a dry fasting was 2021 after my dad died, got real clarity after that, 2 days of dry fasting without any distraction would do a lot for you physically, spiritually, and mentally.”

    But his supporters were unable to resist drawing a connection between his remarks and the latest rumours of his and Angel’s breakup. They conjectured that his remarks might have been motivated by heartache. 

    One particular Twitter user decided to drag and slam Angel. This Twitter user revealed that he was seeing a “damaged girl, an energy drainer” who had a damaged mother. 

    The Twitter user went on to say that he should have been treated better than Angel. According to this Twitter user, 

    “You are dating an energy drainer , a damaged girl raised by a damaged mother. You deserve better than the street prostitute that has her naked pics littered all over the internet.”

    This disparaging remark did not sit well with Angel’s mother, who quickly took to the X-platform to attack the fan. She labelled the fan a loser and shouted out the fan for being depressed. 

    Not content to stop there, she went on to curse the fan, saying that the user’s offspring will constantly bring them nothing but humiliation and disgrace. 

    Nevertheless, the person persisted in trolling Angel’s mother for raising Angel improperly. 

    In the user’s words, 

    “You are a failed mother with a worthless damaged daughter. You are a shame to motherhood and no man deserves to be with such a mentally unstable child. You failed in raising Angel well and the end result is making her a public hoe for your hoe boys.”

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