Rumours about Asake and his lover Madam Mystique’s breakup surface

    Rumours about Asake and his lover Madam Mystique’s breakup surface

    Recently, there have been allegations of a separation between musician Asake and his girlfriend, Madame Mystique.

    A curious admirer had taken to social media to express her opinions about his recent usage of the platform. She mentioned that he had been teasing a new chapter by sharing some inspirational items on his Snapchat and Instagram. 

    She also mentioned that she had stopped featuring him on her social media page and that he was no longer sharing photos of his girlfriend. 

    Even worse, Madame Mystique, his “supposed girlfriend,” has disabled and erased her Instagram account, adding credence to the rumour that the two may have split up. 

    They haven’t, however, made a public declaration on their current relationship status. Now, keep in mind that Asake and his girlfriend Madame Mystique went public in October of 2023 following the appearance of their photos online. 

    The couple appeared to be in love and giving one other tender kisses in the images and videos posted on social media. 

    Additionally, the enigmatic figure Madame Mystique had wished Asake a happy birthday on social media back in January 2024. The relationship rumours were strengthened when she referred to him as the love of her life. 

    Now keep in mind that after she wished him a happy birthday, several of his main female supporters expressed their resentment and jealously on social media. They complained that it ought to have been them rather than Madame Mystique.

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