Music lovers raise their eyebrows as Tony Tetuila targets Burna Boy for a remix of the 2001 hit track “My Car.”

    In a recent video, Tony Tetuila stated that he would want to collaborate with Grammy Award winner Burna Boy on his popular song “My Car.”

    The seasoned performer made a hint that he was working on a remix of the popular song from 2001, and he wants Burna Boy to be featured.

    Reactions to Tony Tetuila’s potential partnership with the City Boy crooner have been conflicting.

    Tony showed his affection for Grammy winner Burna Boy, in contrast to Eedris, who insulted him during a controversy on social media.

    Burna Boy is wanted by Tony Tetuila for the 2001 hit song “My Car.”

    In a conversation with media personality Daddy Freeze, Tony expressed his desire for Burna Boy to be featured on the remix of his 2001 hit song, “My Car.”

    Additionally, Tony Tetuila revealed that he always plays Burna’s music wherever he goes.

    “wan work with that boy. I am working on ‘My Car’ remix and I want Burna Boy. I love him. I love all these guys. Do you know what they have taken the music to? love what that guy is doing. I listen to his songs always in my car,” Tony said.

    Watch the video of Tony Tetuila expressing his desire to work with Burna Boy below:

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